The children are put into two groups. 

Little Bears - children in their first year in nursery are called Little Bears. 

Big Bears - children in their second year at nursery are called Big Bears.


Extra sessions

When you are offered a place at the nursery, the sessions allocated will be for one academic year; either September to July or January to July. 


All the children attending the nursery, will be offered up to 15 hours per week, in their last year at nursery. In the spring term you will be asked to fill in a form to confirm the sessions you require for the following year. You do not have to take 15 hours.


If your child joins the nursery in the second year, they will be allocated as many sessions as we have available.


If you would like more sessions than we have been able to offer you, please let Mrs. Boswell know.  Your request will then be noted. 


We will let you know if a session become available.

Give us a call: