At Ready Teddy Go we offer a warm and nurturing environment in which we celebrate creativity and individuality. 

The children are leaders of our curriculum, with their interests and ideas inspiring and shaping all of the learning that takes place.

We are fortunate to be able to offer a high adult to child ratio and are very proud of our experienced and qualified team who are full to the brim of wonderful ideas to support your children on their learning journeys.

At Ready Teddy Go, our personalised and tailored curriculum provides all children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be confident, inquisitive, curious, independent learners and influence their wider thinking across all areas of the curriculum. We believe that providing an education that does all of this gives children the best chance to become well-rounded, happy individuals, ready to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We will make a positive difference to every child’s life. We recognise the importance of giving our children the best possible start to their education by planning and implementing teaching and learning opportunities that support them in reaching their full potential and fulfilling their dreams. Children at Ready Teddy Go experience the seven areas of learning through a balance of small group teaching and play based learning.  This is through the children’s interests, topics, themes (led by children’s interests) and our continuous provision. Learning is carefully planned by the staff to support communication and language development; personal, social and emotional development; and physical development as well as literacy, mathematics, understanding of the world and expressive arts and design. All planned activities are inspired by children’s interests and learning needs as assessed regularly by their Key Person. Children are regularly invited to share their ideas about what they would like to learn about. We uphold a strong focus on mental health, regularly assessing and supporting children’s engagement and well-being. We strongly value our relationships with parents, working together to ensure all children’s individual needs are met.


Our 3 core values of Dream, Believe and Achieve drive our creative curriculum and underpin all that we do.


Dream: Children at Ready Teddy Go dare to dream knowing no boundaries. Through the experiences our curriculum offers, our children’s ambitions and aspirations are unlocked. These experiences allow them as individuals to develop their own passions and interests and become invested in their learning leading to a sense of drive and motivation which allows them to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.


Believe: At Ready Teddy Go, children learn to believe in themselves and be proud of their local community. They understand the importance of their actions and the part they play in the diverse wider world. Through a strong self-belief leading to a positive physical and mental well-being our children are equipped to take risks and overcome any challenges they may face. Children will leave Ready Teddy Go as compassionate individuals with a developing understanding that everyone should be valued and respected therefore preparing them for life in modern Britain.


Achieve: Through our personalised and tailored curriculum, children at Ready Teddy Go are taught to be responsible, resilient citizens who embrace challenge and feel success. Memorable learning experiences allow our children to retain knowledge, apply skills and develop links in their understanding. In turn, children leave Ready Teddy Go with a developing independence.