Free Early Education – FEE

Since January 2004 Surrey County Council has provided six consecutive terms of nursery education for all three and four year old children.  


Our nursery offers all funded children 15 hours of free nursery education per week, providing there are sufficient places available. This offer is now known as the universal 15 hour offer. Children become eligible to receive this Government funding from the term following their third birthday.  All children in their final year at nursery i.e. the year before they start full time education, will be offered up to five sessions. 


Children in their first year at nursery will be offered places depending on the sessions available. 

Our morning sessions are from 9.15am-12.15pm and cost £20

We have the option of an extended day with the addition of an afternoon session from 12.15pm-3.15pm at a cost of £20

FEE/ FEET funding can be claimed for morning sessions 

FEE+ funding can be claimed for afternoon sessions

There is an additional charge of £3.50 or each funded session

Date of birth falling between - will be eligible for six terms from:

  • 1 September and 31st December - Spring Term

  • 1 January and 31st March - Summer Term

  • 1st April and 31st August - Autumn Term

Surrey County Council sets the amount of money we receive per child. However, this is not sufficient to cover our overheads and may jeopardise the sustainability of our nursery. To help cover the shortfall, we ask all the parents of funded children to make a voluntary contribution of £2 per child, per session. This will contribute to the cost of books, art materials and other essential resources.


+15 hours free childcare entitlement

From September 2017 the government will be offering an additional +15 hours childcare entitlement to working parents who earn between £5,000 - £100,000. At Ready Teddy Go! We are able to offer eight extra hours for our lunch clubs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You are able to use your extra entitlement with other settings e.g. childminders, holiday clubs etc. 

Parents who are eligible will be sent a registration number by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and you will have to provide this number on your joining form.  Should your earnings change and you then fall below the eligible amount, you will not be able to claim the +15 hours.  However, you will still be able to claim the universal 15 hours. You will need to let us know on your joining form, which hours you will be using for your universal offer and which hours are the +15 hours. 



Traditionally we have always been able to offer children a steady increase in sessions over the year, by reserving places later on to allow this to happen. 

Our intention is not to change this practice but this will have to be reviewed if we find that the revenue from voluntary contributions does not cover our costs. 



When your child’s place is confirmed, you will be asked to pay a fee of £100.  This comprises a £75 deposit on the place, £20 administration fee and £5 for a book bag. The £75 will be refunded when your child leaves our nursery, either to go to school or after giving a term's notice.  However, if you decide not to take up a place for your child, having accepted it, the £75 is non-refundable.

​If you would like more sessions than we have been able to offer you, please let Miss Golding know.  Your request will then be noted.  We will let you know if a session become available.

Free Early Education