Our day

Outline of a morning at Ready Teddy Go Nursery

9.15 - Children arrive

Hanging up coats, putting library books in library box, registering with key person. Free play.

9.30 -Circle Time

The children are called together and sit together to say hello.  They separate into two groups;

Panda Bears and Polar Bears.

We have a circle time activity where we talk about what we are going to do that day and welcome any visitors to the group. A short group activity is planned for each day. These activities promote learning through play and include counting games, phonics (for the older children), language games, singing, listening, memory games and scientific exploring. All activities are planned based on children's current interests and designed to support their learning goals and school readiness.

9.45-11.30 - Free Play

Inside and outside.

Children are free to explore all areas of the nursery. We promote child led learning, supplying children with lots of open ended resources to explore both inside and outside. Adults join children in their play, encouraging independence and supporting their learning as they play.


During the session, the children can visit our snack bar for some fruit and a drink of either milk or water and a carbohydrate snack.

11.30 - Tidy up time

All children help to tidy up the toys. 

11.40- Whole Group Physical Activity

At Ready Teddy Go, we love music and movement games! Each day we enjoy some fun exercise together before we wind down for a story.

11.50 - Story Time

Together, we enjoy a story session. We use a variety of resources and visual props to enhance story time and encourage children to join in to act out and recreate their favourite tales.

12.10 - Coats on

The children put on their coats and wait in the main hall for their parents/carers to collect them. We sing a good- bye song to mark the end of the session.

12.15 - Home

The doors open at 12.15. 

Parents and Carers come into the hall to collect their child.

12.15 - 2.15 Lunch Club

Big Bears can attend lunch club on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Where will the staff members be working throughout the morning?

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